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THE ALL MAT is a special sustainbility project from MAATÏ MAATÏ. For the first time ever we present with THE ALL MAT a sustainable yoga mat, that combines all the MAATÏ MAATÏ values and connects exclusivity with inclusivity: Making Spiritual Luxury accessable for a bigger target group for the first time ever. THE ALL MAT is the first sustainable recycled cork rubber yoga mat from Maison MAATÏ MAATÏ, that will be available for an affordable price. The cork dust, which is remaining after the luxury mat production is the cork, that we use in the next step not only for our agglomorated cork blocks, but also right now for THE ALL MAT – combined with upcycled rubber. An entire sustainable cycle. THE ALL MAT is made of natural Portuguese cork, harvested in traditional and sustainable way in Portugal and produced in a family-run Portuguese manufactory. Representing the Age of the New Energy - Ethical Luxury for everyone to spread consciousness. MAATÏ MAATÏ was developing this new yoga mat to make Spiritual Luxury affordable for everyone. Especially for Yoga Beginners it‘s the perfect match for a first date with your soul on THE MAT to choose consciousness and the sustainable lifestyle in Spiritual Luxury from day 1.

- made of natural Portuguese cork, harvested in traditional and sustainable way
- handcrafted in a family-run Portuguese manufactory
- super flexible
- perfect grip
- anti slippery

size: 190 cm x 68 cm
thickness: 3mm

Made in Portugal

Certificate: ISO 9001 and SA 8000


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