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Once upon a time...

Well - it was exactly three years ago when our Founder Leonie took a walk through the lush island of Bali and got a little bit off track. With the sun already setting and her phone battery at 0%, everything looked like she was going to spent the night outside, when she was found by Ketut, a Balinese woman who invited her for hot tea... and a charger. 

But let’s wrap this story up, because you all know how it ended: Ketut turned out to be an amazingly talented jewelry manufacturer who helped Leonie launch the first ever MAATÏ MAATÏ Spiritual Jewelry line. A true dream coming true. Half a year ago, we launched the collection and have been receiving the most amazing feedback from you. After an inspiring and intense phase of designing and selecting materials, we are now finally announcing the drop of our latest creation: Goldplated Charms with gemstones. The gems will enhance the  individual energy each charm is infused with – and they look absolutely stunning. But have a look yourself. We proudly introduce our two new designs: URANOS and CHELONE.

Chelone: Letting Go & Surrendering to the Flow

Chelone teaches us to accept the natural flow of life without having to fight it constantly. Go with the flow - being guided by the flow of life. When connecting with this energy we dance to the rhytm of life naturally - in alignment. Through this deep relaxation we feel a calm inner joy that radiates through us. This inner joy is untouchable and independent of external events. We understand on a deeper level the difference between tension and relaxation, the active and the passive part within us. We understand when we can be proactive - while staying connected with our soul‘s plan - and when it is better to wait and do nothing and letting things grow on their own...Take a deep breath: relax, calm down and letting the present moment unfold. Chelone calls us home to ourselves and teaches us to arrive within. Chelone supports you to not let yourself be distracted by the fast-moving outer world,  by outer circumstances or stressful situations, but to stay focused and connected with your soul.  Now, it’s time to rest - to stop for a second and look around, because this world, this life is so wonderful when just being in this one moment and not always having to run from appointment to appointment! Push the pause button, breathe, rest for a while - and enjoy quality time with ourselves. Welcome and honor your home and your own body. Chelone teaches us also a deeper understanding for our body, which is our home in this life. Chelone also helps to stay calm and centered in stressful situations. Her energy relaxes when you feel inner tension, restlessness and sleep disorders. She gives us presence and calmness -  Chelone brings relaxation on every level.
Product Details
The Amulet is ornamented with four gemstones that we carefully selected to match the Energy of Chelone. The gemstone Labradorite is the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom, creating a shielding force throughout the aura and strengthening natural energies from within. It protects against the negativity and misfortunes of this world, and provides safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness and in facilitating visionary experiences from the past or the future. Comes with a 50 cm necklace. Solid brass made bracelet gold plated with 24 Karat Gold. Hand Made with an ancient Greek coin 300 BC.

Uranos: Head in the Clouds

In Greek mythology, Uranos represents the sky. His energy helps us to live in alignment with the universal energy, to tune into the moon phases and integrate complex astrology on an energetic level. The Uranos energy works like a bridge that connects cosmic and earthly energy - and connects higher levels of consciousness with the physical body. Uranos opens up to universal frequencies while remaining rooted, grounded and secure in life. It’s all about heavenly connection and vibrating higher. Uranos helps us to see the wonderful things in life, to recognize the magic of nature and this world and to open our eyes for the magic in everyday life. This new perspective gives our lives a deeper meaning and helps us understand the deeper messages in everyday lives. Let this energy support you while you become more sensitive. Let it connect you to your soul every day so you can act according to your soul’s plan. Uranos also supports clairvoyant abilities and people who's life purpose is connected with healing. In addition, its energy holds a transforming power. Dark, outdated, constricting patterns and heavy energies are powerfully transformed into light and positive frequencies. With Uranos’ energy by our side, powerful transformation can happen. 
It’s time to create paradise within you - for a feeling like in heaven on earth. The coin of Uranos is surrounded by four gemstones, which enhance its effect. It is the healing stone amethyst, which is said to have a transforming effect and to open the crown chakra.
Product Details
Handcrafted on Bali by an angel who protected Leonie 3 years ago. Energized in Berlin by Holistic Coach, Energy Healer and Conscious Founder and CEO of MAATÏ MAATÏ, Leonie Lepenos herself. Comes with a 50 cm necklace. Solid brass made bracelet gold plated with 24 Karat Gold. Hand Made with an ancient Greek coin 300 BC. Gemstones are Amethyst when choosing Uranos and Labradorite when choosing Chelone. 


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