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MAATÏ MAATÏ Spiritual Luxury is a High Vibe High End brand, where ancient channeled wisdom meets crystalline 5D future, working in a sustainable way with its focus on Spiritual Awareness and Charity Partner Projects. Serving for the Highest Best. MAATÏ MAATÏ offers Premium Holistic Accessoires for the Modern Spiritual Yogi. Created in Meditations, we focus on High Quality Yoga Equipment inspired by sacred geometry, using finest natural materials, harvested consciously in alignment with planet earth. Our collections pay fair wages, donate to different NGOs and support local artisans and traditional cork-farmers in Portugal. If you shop in our Online Boutique, you make an impact- 10% will be automatically donated to a Non-Profit Partner Organization. Additionally we educate our community spiritually in workshops, offer energy healings and meditation gatherings to support the healing transformation on all levels - guided by our founder and energy healer Leonie Lepenos herself.

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