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Sanat Kumara Amulet

Sanat Kumara Amulet


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Sanat Kumara stands for spiritual rebirth and thus for the final transformation. His energy gives knowledge and deep rooting from the divine in the earthly level - to live our truth on this earth in our everyday life (Sat Nam). It is probably the most powerful piece of this collection for complete transformation, once feeling ready with heart and soul! Worn in front of the heart chakra, it remind us again and again of our truth by checking in energetically with ourselves, whether we are really making our decisions based on the heart level - in alignment with our soul´s plan – by living a life of integrity….or are we feeling separated and (still) decide on the basis of long time ago learned old patterns and systems, which are not truly us, but only our programming and our old habits?

The Sanat Kumara amulet helps us to recognize these fine lines, layers and shades in between and to stand up and speak up for ourselves and to act consciously - from the heart level. Speaking and living our truth - anchored in the state of Love.

The amulet is energetically charged with the supportive energies of energy worker and medium Leonie Lepenos, founder of MAATÏ MAATÏ Handcrafted on Bali by Ketut. Channeled, designed and energized in Berlin and other spheres by Leonie and her crew on the other side. 

24 Karat Gold plated Brass by Hand.

10% of every sold piece of this collection are donated to the Sat Nam Foundation, which is a nonprofit organisation, that guide those in need through a Holistic Approach of Financial Support plus Yoga and Spiritual Guidance to support their Healing.

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