The Shawls - Holistic Meditation Scarf: RA – Maati Maati


The Shawls - Holistic Meditation Scarf: RA


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Ra is the ancient Egyptian sun god. He represents the pristine, cosmic energy and the creative principle. He loves the colors gold and also warm brown tones.

In our stressful everyday life and daily routine we often lose ourselves. Nowadays  we process so much information everyday and have to handle many different roles we play in life. Always on tour, always available, always checking time, always with a look at the smartphone...not that smart. 

Time to slow down life! Time to forget about time. Only you matter. So feel yourself and your body and connect yourself with the nature. The Ra energy helps you to strengthen your body awareness and the love to the nature. Imagine roots are growing from the soles of your feet and you stand there powerful  - like a 100 year old big tree. No thunderstorm could disturb you now, not even the biggest tornado. You are strong, you are connected with your roots, you stay.

The spirit animal elephant stands for patience, grounding, the connection with nature and ancient wisdom you have within you. The holy symbol in the centre of the scarf is the eye of Ra, the Egyptian sun god, which stands for the connection to Mother Earth and also to heaven - and the sun. So feel connected and: Shine like the sun!

The pattern was developed while meditating, when we were connected with Ra himself. The Shawl is energized. 


Size: 180 x 70 cm (the size of a Yogamat)

Material: 90% Modal, 10% Cashmere 

Handcrafted in an Italian family owned manufacture at the wonderful Lago di Como.

10% of the sold scarf RA is donated to the non-profit organization Elephant Family.

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