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THE MATS by MAATÏ MAATÏ are the first Premium Cork Yoga Mats on the market. THE MATS by MAATÏ MAATÏ are different from the usual cork yoga mats, as we do not use agglomerated cork, but natural big slices of cork, which are brought together in a patchwork, making every single mat unique and more flexible than usual cork yoga mats. They are made of natural cork from Portugal. A sustainable material, that grows over years on the cork oaks. The harvesting of the cork oak is an ancient process and only the cork farmer families and its closest friends do the harvesting to protect the trees. The cork is selected by hand and no gram cork is wasted. 

We donate 10% of the Universe Collection to "Sternschnuppen für Kinder" which means "shooting stars for children" in German. It´s a NGO which supports children around the world, investing in their health, education and future. We can only donate 10% of the sold products if you shop them in our Online Store, not via our stockists.


The MAATÏ MAATÏ Premium Cork Yoga Mats are:

- naturally water-resistant

- hygienic

- self cleansing

- dust-resistant

- super flexible

- anti slippery

- designed with a little extra cushion for your hips and knees during floor poses (6mm thick)

- lightweight (0,9 kg)

- made of natural Portuguese cork, harvested in traditional and sustainable way

- handcrafted in a family-run Portuguese manufactory


Also with humidity, the mats have the perfect grip. That´s why THE MATS by MAATÏ MAATÏ are also great for challenging Yoga styles like Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram or Power.

We designed this mat with a little extra cushion for your hips and knees during floor poses.


Size: 1,83 x 0,60 m, 6 mm thick

Diameter: 12-15 cm (rolled) 

Weight: ca. 980 g.

Colour of the border: dark blue

Print: Moon, Star, Sun

Made in Portugal

Certificates: ISO 9001 and SA 8000


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