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Natural Product Cork

We travelled to Portugal to the cork oak harvesting and developed together with the cork farmers a special technique to produce premium cork yoga mats, which keep the natural structure of the cork and sustain all its natural advantages. Unlike the usual cork yoga mats on the market, which are made of agglomorated cork, our premium cork yoga mats are made of single cork pieces that are brought together per hand like a patchwork. That´s why our mats are more flexible, have a better grip and create individual designs - drawn by the nature itself.  Every single MAATÏ MAATÏ yoga mat is unique.

Cork is a sustainable material, that grows over years on the cork oaks. The harvesting of the cork oak is an ancient process and only the cork farmer families and its closest friends do the harvesting to protect the trees. The cork is selected by hand and no gram cork is wasted.  We harvest in the traditional way with a machete by a Portuguese skilled cork harvester and produce our MAATÏ MAATÏ Yogamats in a Family run manufactory. The best: No tree has to die for, the same cork oak can be harvested every 10 years for over 200 years.


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