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Spiritual Luxury


For Berlin-based Label MAATÏ MAATÏ, it’s not just their slogan – it’s the philosophy on which the entire business operates. The company’s founder Leonie Lepenos came up with the term and she explained exactly what it means to her.
“‘Bling bling’ is out – these days, it’s no longer about big brand name logos and flash. Our world has gotten more complex and that is (luckily!) also being reflected in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. People want more depth now and are looking into what’s going on behind the scenes. More and more status symbols are losing their place to things that make memories, to magical moments and experiences. The trend is called ‘new luxury’ – a study has shown that quality of life is becoming more important than prosperity, that leisure time is becoming the most important luxury good. And that’s followed by wellness, fitness, travel, and health – and therefore also yoga. Luxury consumption is also becoming increasingly influenced by values such as sustainability, fairness, and individuality.
I share these values and they form my definition of luxury: Doing good things, behaving in an ethical manner and succeeding financially at the same time. I want to prove that material and spiritual luxury are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and in fact can complement each other beautifully!


For me, there is so much involved in the idea of “spiritual luxury” – it’s an entire attitude, a value system, a way of life…but most of all it is one thing, and that is luxury for the soul. In my opinion, those who are spiritual can still enjoy the finer side of life. One can live in abundance and also with designer handbags! Yes, it is OK to do something nice for yourself – and to be spiritual at the same time. Beautiful things and aesthetic harmony make us happy. Is that superficial? Absolutely not!
I am firmly convinced that colors, unique designs, and noticeably good quality is something that moves us deeply. Colors speak to us subconsciously. Beauty is something that makes our hearts beat a little faster and something that makes us aim higher. Yes, I do believe that luck and joy are contagious. Sometimes through the simplest things in the world, sometimes through the most beautiful.
Spiritually these days doesn’t mean throwing a cotton sack over your shoulder, moving into an abandoned cave in the forest, breaking away from all previous relationships, and singing mantras all day long! That’s what I call outdated esotericism. Spirituality, on the other hand, is something magical, something wonderful that everyone carries within themselves – it is about being happy and realizing your highest possible potential, enjoying life to the fullest, living it to the fullest. And that’s without necessarily having to change your external circumstances.
Spirituality can be lived and interpreted in a modern and contemporary way. To strive for the best of the best – to aim for the highest – and be connected to one’s self, one’s soul, your inner light. That is spiritual luxury, what MAATÏ MAATÏ stands for.

"Each of our products supports a charitable organization based on its design and 10% of the proceeds are automatically donated."

In addition to a charitable organization, there is also a story behind each of our products. The patterns for THE MEDITATION SHAWLS, for example, were developed during meditation – each one with a theme, its own special focus point. They work with energies, traditional ethnic patterns, the laws of sacred geometry, and the psychological effect of color – and yet they interpret everything in a very contemporary and stylish way, which means they can be used both as an everyday fashion accessory and as a trusty companion to your yoga practice.
We use only the finest materials and attach great importance to fair working conditions and to producing our items as sustainably as possible. Personally, I consider all of these things integral to today’s concept of luxury.
Spirituality no longer has to have anything to do with an outdated esoteric image – it can be lived with beautiful, modern style and quality. This attitude has already arrived in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Tulum. Advancing this way of thinking even further in Europe is the mission of MAATÏ MAATÏ – Spiritual Luxury.”

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