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 Subconsciously what we wear has a powerful effect on us. Especially if these are written words. And even more especially if they are powerful and energized, channeled manifestations. A promise to our higher selves. And if we wear that message proudly on our forehead – that´s pretty much it. That´s royalty at its finest. As: Loyalty is Royalty. Integrity and courage combined on a higher spiritual level. Sat Nam Loyalty is our promise to ourselves to act consciously, to stay loyal to ourselves and our value system and make no compromises no longer. Rooted in ancient Sanskrit Yogic Wisdom it is the powerful art of being 100% truthful in our spoken words, actions and thoughts. It needs a certain attitude, pride and courage to show off for ourselves – and deep roots and consistent (Yoga) practice to embody the truth more and more. A journey step by step every day (every minute, every second) on our way to become the truth itself. By wearing this reminder directly pretty present on our forehead (and above our third eye) we automatically step into this higher state and frequency of consciousness and awareness of our -truthful – actions. And seeing the world through another perspective and point of view. It is a reminder of radical truth. On the back of the cap the energy is integrated and protected from the past: Loyalty is Royalty. Period. Whole. One. No more fitting in, faking it, playing small to be liked – speak, feel, live your truth. SAT NAM. Be loyal. To your soul.

10% of every sold cap are donated to the Sat Nam Foundation, which is a nonprofit organisation, that guide those in need through a Holistic Approach of Financial Support plus Yoga and Spiritual Guidance to support their Healing.

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