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With THE WEAR by MAATÏ MAATÏ we combine all parts and levels of our philosophy and Motto SPIRITUAL LUXURY. Bringing Beauty, Sacred Designs and Spirituality together. Wearing loving Empowerment with grace on your skin. Wrap yourself in Consciousness.
THE WEAR is your Daily Reminder.
Produced fair trade and sustainably while wearing Love, empowerment and joy - powerful affirmation and mantras to strengthen you in your Daily Routine. Showing up and Shining bright. No matter what. Follow your Path, Angel! You inspire your surrounding, your lovers and beloved ones - this World. You came to shine.
Welcome to that Next Level. Everyday. Every single second of being alive.
It’s a whole vibe.
We came to heal.
Created to hold space.
Created to support you on your conscious Journey.
Created to heal. Because you are your healer.
The Affirmations were channeled, energized and handwritten by Leonie Lepenos, Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Founder & Concious CEO of MAATÏ MAATÏ
You will feel powerful and loved when wearing THE WEAR.
Reminding yourself and each other that we all have it within and EVERYTHING is possible on this earth. Feeling those High vibes?

THE NOULA is the exclusive first design dropping with the strong motto: 
Be your own Everything.

The deep understanding, that we are all one.
Seing clearly with the heart.

The eye on your heart will remind you.You are everything.

It´s all there. Within.


Channeled in Athens, Manifested in Berlin, Ethically produced in Bangladesh as a Member of Fair Wear Foundation, Printed in Germany.

85% cotton of natural origin.
15% polyester of recycled origin.


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