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What are Pleiades?

In scientific terms, the Pleiades is an open star cluster located in the constellation Taurus, and it's composed of hot, blue stars. Astronomers study such celestial objects to understand stellar evolution, star formation, and the dynamics of galaxies.

Pleiadians, in the realm of science fiction and New Age beliefs, are purported to be a group of extraterrestrial beings originating from the Pleiades star cluster. However, it's crucial to note that there is no scientific evidence supporting the existence of Pleiadian beings or their interaction with Earth.

However - what we invite you today to is: THE ENERGY of “that”, whatever it is :) 

We invite you to feel that energy today instead of (over)thinking about it in complicated explanations.

So here we are. 
In the heart of Berlin, at THE SACRED SPACE by MAATÏ MAATÏ, Leonie invites kindred spirits to explore a cosmic journey infused with the enchanting energy of the Pleiades. As creativity flows in the studio and designs for a new collection take shape, Leonie senses the presence of a beautiful energy heightened under the celestial dance of the Pleiades. Supporting her channelling ancient wisdom combining with the crystalline 5D future new world energy. 

Acknowledging the mystical allure of the Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters, the article invites readers to embrace experiential wisdom beyond scientific substantiation. Leonie encourages a collective visualization, inviting readers to close their eyes and join her in envisioning the cascading crystalline light from the Pleiades, merging with the shimmering glow of the cosmos. It's an invitation to feel and connect with energies that transcend the boundaries of the known.

As hearts and minds open to cosmic wonders, the article prompts readers to visualize the Pleiadian energy harmonizing with their own essence.

Picture yourself bathed in their brilliance, igniting the dormant sparks of inner wisdom. This is more than stargazing - it's a journey of the soul, where the beauty lies in the experience itself.

"Embrace the mystery, feel the energy, and let your spirit soar amidst the Pleiadian constellations," Leonie guides through.

It's an invitation to trust the unknown, guided by the cosmic dance of the Pleiades. In this exploration, may nights be filled with cosmic wonder and the magic of the higher realms.

The session concludes with a poetic reminder from Leonie:

"Now and forever, let yourself be guided by the light itself. Dare to trust the unknown."

In luminous harmony and with an abundance of cosmic energy, Leonie from MAATÏ MAATÏ extends an invitation to embrace the mystical energies of the Pleiades—a celestial dance that transcends the limits of the known and invites us to explore the magic of the unknown.


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