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THE BLOCK Pachamama Natura

THE BLOCK Pachamama Natura


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The MAATÏ MAATÏ block is made of 100% natural cork from Portugal. A sustainable material, that grows over years on the cork oaks. The harvesting of the cork oak is an ancient process and only the cork farmer families and its closest friends do the harvesting to protect the trees. The cork is selected by hand and no gram cork is wasted.


The Heaven on Earth Collection

Is it a place? A location? Or a state? Maybe “Heaven on Earth” is self made. Maybe it appears after all the inner work. Or maybe we don’t even have to actively do anything to achieve it, because it is here anyway. We just have to listen. We just have to open our eyes, our ears and: our hearts. To feel, to see, to hear it. Because Heaven on Earth is here. Right here. And right now. Not in the future - not after 8053850 manifestations and another 9859483 self improvement courses. Maybe all that hard work on us isn’t even needed. Maybe we can just meet it - in deep (self) trust and love…in that frequency. Allow Heaven on Earth to meet you. Right here - with you. Because you are Heaven on Earth. And you can create it. Anytime. In this moment - with your own energy. 

This Collection is a reminder to (re-) create that Heaven on Earth State within and then spread it. And allowing us to have fun while doing that. Exactly now. After all that darkness - or exactly in the midst of all that darkness. We can transform duality right now into Heaven on Earth.

“Heaven on Earth is a state in you. Not far away in other universes, that separation is over now. And that Angel you are calling? It is right here, next to you, sitting at that coffee table having a cappuccino with you, my angel. Because Angels meet now. On Earth. And together we create Heaven.” - Leonie Lepenos, medium & founder of MAATÏ MAATÏ


Size: 23 cm x 12 cm x 6,5 cm

Material: 100% cork

Made in Portugal

Certificates: ISO 9001 and SA 8000


We donate 10% of the sold blocks to a Portuguese aid project, that protects the Portuguese flora and fauna and especially the cork oak fields.

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